Pineda’s Auto Service

Pineda’s Auto Service is an auto mechanic service shop located in the East Bay Area.

The website is a performant WordPress site with a mobile-first design. The site has a Google Lighthouse score of 90+ on mobile and desktop. The website features a prominent quote form, landing page, contact page, and a Google Maps widget for quick navigation.

Multi-Vehicle Route Optimization Web/Mobile App

At SightlyWeb, we’re thrilled to introduce a web/mobile app tailored to supercharge the operations of Bay Area landscaping company. We’ve harnessed the formidable might of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and leveraged cutting-edge serverless architecture, delivering an exceptional, cost-effective solution.

The Art of Route Optimization
Our secret weapon? Routing planning logic, fortified with Google’s OR-Tools library. This battle-tested technology ensures optimized routes that stand head and shoulders above the rest, saving time and resources for your business.

Frontend Excellence
But that’s not all – our app’s frontend is powered by the dynamic Next.js framework. Guaranteeing a performant experience; thanks to Next.js’s server side rendering technology.

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